Excellent designs have innovations that further improve connections between people, and between people and things. For the Design Ah! TV program, “design mind” is interpreted as the combination of sensibility and thinking to be aware of one's environment (LOOK), investigate what kinds of problems exist (THINK), and make a better situation (CREATE), using a diversity of expressions.This Design Ah! Exhibition was created so that visitors can experience and participate in this “design mind”.Our wish is for children—who will be responsible for the future—to experience the richness of looking, thinking, and creating with their “design minds”.

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  • The Observation Room

    The five everyday themes are: bento lunchboxes, icon, container, body, and name. How does design connect us to them? Explore by looking, thinking, and creating!

  • The Immersion Room

    Step into an audio-visual world composed specially for the exhibition, covering all four walls of the exhibition hall. Experience being enveloped in the sounds and visions of design.

  • The Imagination Room

    How do we sense place, the flow of time and human motion through design? Explore through Space, Time, and Structure!

  • Activity Corner

    Take part in Dessin Ah, Everybody's Ah and Crest activities. The Dessin Ah! drawings are posted on the special website. In Everybody's Ah, works selected by exhibition participants will be displayed at the exhibition venue. Be sure to have a go!

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The Design Ah! Exhibition in Toyama

Venue & Access


June 30 - September 8, 2019Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto

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Opening Hours 10:00 — 20:00
*Admission until 19:30
Closed Tuesday
Address 2-3 Kamitori-cho, Chuou-ku, Kumamoto city, 860-0845 Japan
Access JR railway
・From Kumamoto Station to Torichosuji - 15 min.by tram or bus
・From Shin-Suizenji Station to Torichosuji - 10 min.by tram or bus

Express bus
・From Kumamoto Interchange on the KyushuExpressway to Torichosuji - 30 min. by car or highway bus

・From Aso Kumamoto Airport to Torichosuji(Kumamoto City, central area of prefecture) -40 min. by limousine bus

・The museum is located in the central area ofKumamoto city. Please use public transportationwhenever possible.There is no parking at the museum. Parking lotsnear the museum are as follows.
Contact Tel. +81-96-278-7500
Website https://www.camk.jp/english/